Karsten Balsley
Karsten Balsley Photography



Karsten’s path to photography began at a very young age.  On his fifth birthday he received the two things that would set the course for his life...a pocket knife and a Brownie Hawkeye camera. The pocket knife led him down the path to his lifetime of woodworking and creating beauty with his hands.  The Brownie Hawkeye camera led him to his passion for capturing images of the mind and the moments that define our humanity and our world...the very moments that inspire and shape us.  Those fleeting dreams forever captured to be revisited time and time again. 

Whether it is “shooting” a rodeo from the backside of the chutes, or laying in a river bed, eye to eye with lions on a fresh kill.  Karsten looks for the forgotten places, unseen people, and sometimes the just plan ordinary events that quietly pass by without being noticed.  Photography is a quest to capture those moments of light, that stir our souls, shape our lives and remind us just how beautiful this life is!